Home Owners Association / Architectual Review Board

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Home Owners Association 

The Board of Directors shall preserve and enhance the value of Willbrook Plantation by:

  • Providing oversight of all financial matters
  • Maintaining the common property and assets of Willbrook Plantation
  • Providing security services for the community 
  • Preserving the unique character of Willbrook by seeking to maintain the architectural integrity of both new and modified residential properties  
  • Administering and overseeing the Rules and Regulations of the community           



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ARB Board Members

The Board and Waccamaw Management are preparing and gathering information for this section

Architectual Review Board 

The ARB's purpose is to preserve the natural beauty of Willbrook Plantation and its setting, to maintain a pleasant and desirable environment and to protect and promote the value of property.  No building, wall, fence, sign, swimming pool, tennis court, roof, color and composition of roof, siding, and other external materials and finishes, exterior light or other structure or improvement of any kind shall be commenced or erected upon any Residential Lot or upon the exterior of any Dwelling unit, or upon the Common Properties or Restricted Common Properties, nor shall any landscaping be done, nor shall any addition to any existing building or alteration or change therein be made until the proposed building plans, specifications (including height, color, and composition of roof, siding, or other exterior materials and finish), spot plan (showing location of such building or structure, drives, and parking area), landscape plan, and construction schedule shall have been submitted to and approved by the Architectural Review Board.