Our community is surrounded by lakes, grand oaks with Spanish moss, rice fields, salt marsh, Cyprus swamps, and an abundance of southern history. 

          The Georgetown District was the leading producers of rice in America and Waccamaw Plantations were the most productive in the district right up until the Civil War.  The Oatland Plantation Slave Cemetery is located within our housing community on Chapman Loop. 

          Since 1711, Willbrook Plantation has been sold or passed on numerous times until 1984 when it was acquired by Litchfield By The Sea.  Our Plantation consists of 675 acres with over 220 homes that we share with alligators, deer, turtles, geckos and many species of birds.  In addition to living in park like surroundings, we are able to enjoy the wonders of the ocean by belonging to ?Litchfield By The Sea Ocean Club.? 

          Our Premier golf course designed by Architect Dan Maples, opened in 1988 and continues to challenge men and women as they enjoy the picturesque setting.  Throughout the golf course you will find many monuments, reminders of life on a plantation.




History and Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I get gate barcode stickers for my car?

          Waccamaw Management coordinates gate access stickers.